COVID Contact Tracers, Lab Technicians and Testing Sites

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COVID Contact Tracers

A great job opportunity has arisen for those out of work due to the pandemic. Contact tracers work flexible schedules from home. All you need is a phone to call the contacts on your list. As a contractor you need Professional Liability. Why?

Errors and Omissions
Protect yourself from litigation if you miss contacts or identify an incorrect contact.

Guard yourself against claims of inaccurate or negligent reporting.

COVID Testing Labs

Fast and affordable coverage is available for mobile labs, pop-up test sites and permanent labs that have taken on COVID testing. Testing labs need Professional Liability, General Liability, and should consider cyber coverage. Why?

Onsite Accidents
Most new labs have popped in vacant parking lots and take patients right away, without knowing what hazards may exist around the site that could cause harm or injury to patrons.

Newly Trained Staff
Employees work long days in extensive PPE gear with the fear of COVID exposure. Mistakes can happen with collecting samples and patient info, labeling, and proper sample storage.

Patient Data
Labs collect and store PHI which is protected by HIPAA. This sensitive data is always a target for cyber criminals.

COVID Lab Technicians

Lab techs should purchase their own Professional Liability policy. Lab techs can be named individually in lawsuits alongside their employer.

Improper Sample Handling
Guard yourself against allegations if samples are mixed up or damaged.

Traveling Medical Lab Techs
Take your insurance with you if you work at multiple labs or take on travel assignments.

Employer Requirements
Stay compliant within your workplace.

Coverage Highlights:

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