Get the protection you need and deserve with general liability insurance for healthcare providers.

Who needs general liability insurance?

What you need to know

about general liability insurance for healthcare providers

What claims does general liability insurance protect?

It shelters businesses from most general claims of bodily harm or property damage that occurred at the business or were caused by its goods or services.

If you operate a small business, insurance is a must-have.

General liability insurance protects you and your business from a wide range of scenarios that could lead to a lawsuit.

Be responsible for your business

Under the law, you as the small business owner are responsible for what happens at your business, even if the circumstances were beyond your control.


Get covered with a general liability insurance

It’s important that healthcare business owners bundle general and professional liability insurance to cover the widest range of potential claims. *No standalone general liability

That's where we come in

General liability insurance policies are designed to cover a range of scenarios that could lead to a lawsuit, such as:


Third-party bodily harm

Protect yourself and your business from claims that customers suffered an injury while on your business’s premises.


Third-party property damage

Cover physical damage to property like cars and personal belongings.


Reputational harm

Recover losses resulting from reputational damage to you or your business.


Advertising injury

Protect against claims in connection with the advertising of goods and services


Products and completed operations

Cover claims against a business’s product or completed service conducted off a business’s premises.


Fire and water damage

Cover damage to your or your customers’ property.

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