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Smooth coverage

No villains, just heroes

You’ve been told over and over again that you need a commercial insurance policy. You may have even heard a few horror stories along the way. We set out to write a new story, one in which the customer is the hero, the provider isn’t the villain and the journey from quote to coverage and beyond is smoother than ever.

Optimize your time

Bureaucracy? No way

Professionals and small business owners seeking professional and general liability insurance have faced challenges at every turn: Enlist a middleman. Find a carrier willing to insure them. Spend hours filling out applications. Wait weeks or months for a quote and coverage options that might not even be right for them. Then potentially do it all over again.

Redefining the industry

Understanding the customer...

Innovations in other industries have redefined customer expectations. We understand that immediate gratification isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s required, and it has to be delivered while solving for and scaling the inherent complexity in underwriting commercial insurance policies.

A complete experience

...to create a solution

The solution? Exceed our customers’ expectations around pricing, experience, service and coverage in every interaction. Mitigate the complexity that has restricted underwriting and risk analysis for more than a century.


Become the singular commercial insurance destination for the next generation of health care professionals.

Advanced commercial insurance

Partnering by decision

That means accompanying our customers on every step of that journey from quote to claim. By bringing these advanced solutions to market, we’ve streamlined our ability to assess and underwrite risk, and have created a new commercial liability insurance company model that makes you want to partner with us instead of feeling like you have to.



We work with some of the most recognized and trusted names in insurance to expand your access to coverage options and match you with the perfect plan.