Healthcare Professional Liability Insurance Made Easy

Who needs medical professional liability insurance?

What you need to know

about medical professional liability for healthcare practitioners

What is Professional liability?

It is the claim that a client suffered damage as the direct result of a professional failing to meet their industry’s “standard of care.”

“Errors” or malpractice?

For medical professions, you may be accused of malpractice. Medical professional liability responds to these claims. In other professions, the coverage is generally called “errors and omissions.”

Which actions lead to jeopardization?

Professional liability entails a professional jeopardizing their client either by making a costly error in the execution of a service, or by committing an omission in failing to deliver on a promised service.


Get covered with professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance covers intangible claims based in verbal exchanges, namely consulting, as well as tangible claims, such as bodily injury.

That's where we come in

Our healthcare professional liability insurance policies are tailored for individual professionals and enterprise health care businesses, and cover a wide range of scenarios that could lead to a lawsuit.


Accidents and errors

Protect yourself from potential errors made during the course of treatment.


Improper treatment

Coverage against claims of failure to meet the standard of care.


Reputational harm

Recover losses resulting from reputational damage to you or your business.


 Physical harm

Coverage against claims of bodily injury.



Failing to take reasonable care or steps to prevent loss or injury to a client.


Professional misconduct or error

Protection against claims of failure to meet industry-recognized ethical standards or professional code of conduct.


Court fees, fines or payouts financial loss

Cover court costs, attorney’s fees, including defense costs, settlements owed and fines, including board actions.

Made for professionals

There are core benefits and protections that general and professional liability insurance deliver to professionals and businesses.


Protection from frivolous lawsuits


Coverage even when you’re at fault


Potential for lower premiums


Cost savings


Proof of coverage for customers

Transparency as important as it is for you

It starts with how we calculate price. There are two primary factors that dictate the final cost of your policy.

The policy limit you choose

When you purchase a professional liability insurance policy, it will come with:

Occurrence limit: The maximum amount that the insurance provider will pay for any one isolated claim.

Aggregate limit: The maximum amount that the provider will pay for all combined claims during the policy’s “lifetime,” which is usually set for one year.


The industry you’re in

Your professional liability insurance policy quote will also be influenced by your insurance provider’s perceived risk of your specialty.

For each profession or specialty, insurance providers assess what types of mistakes could occur, and how disastrous the mistake could be.

Exempt from Coverage

Even with comprehensive liability insurance, there are still certain issues that are not covered by liability policies.

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