Cyber Risk Assessment Tool

The Cyber Risk Assessment Tool provides technology to quantify, benchmark, and mitigate the financial impact of cyber-attacks on your business. Predictive models and data are used by leading corporations for for cyber insurance, supply-chain risk, and security assessments.

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Data Collection Process

Customer specific, industry and geography risk trends are collected by algorithms based on continuously collected data from all over the internet. Robust reports are compiled by combining data with customer specific data intelligence, attack-surface, and digital exposure.


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Cyber Risk Profile Comparison

Every business is exposed to different risks, regulatory fines, business interruption, ransom payments, forensics costs and much more. Unique coverage of each policy can be tailored based on industry benchmark.



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Assess Financial Impact For Right Policy

Each business has a unique financial exposure to cyber attacks based on its dependency on information technology, the type of data they store, geography, sector, security readiness, as well as many other factors. Choose the right coverage limit using our data driven financial impact model.

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Transparent Overview

Risk managers benefit from customer specific and book analytics dashboards provided including actuarial scores and related data.



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