Protect your business from data breachers, network hacks and other cybercriminal activity

Now it’s more important than ever to protect yourself and your livelihoods

What cyber liability insurance covers

Our policies can help cover a number of costs to help you and your customers through a cybersecurity incident

Why do you need cybersecurity insurance

Cybercriminal activity have become more common, making it more important than ever to protect your business

Restore public confidence

Data breaches, hacks and other cyber crimes often have lasting reputational impact to businesses: they damage customer relationships and erode trust.

Maintaining or restoring your reputation hinges on your business’s ability to respond quickly and to support individuals affected by the breach. With the right insurance policy, you can do both effectively.


Uncovered claims

The scenarios and costs associated with cybersecurity incidents are not usually covered under any other insurance policy.

A cybersecurity insurance plan ensures that you receive the assistance you need without any undue surprises and helps mitigate the risk of litigation and other penalties associated with data loss, identity theft and other cyber incidents.

Business interruption

In the event of a breach, a business often needs to shut for hours or even days.

Liability coverage can compensate you for losses incurred during your business’s interruption.


levels of cybersecurity coverage

NOW offers three levels of cybersecurity coverage according to the needs of your business

Get covered with a cyber liability insurance

NOW’s cyber liability insurance plans can give you the protection you need if your business’s digital security is compromised.

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