5 Rewards of Being a Mental Health Technician

June 2, 2021 •

Being a mental health technician is a rewarding career. It’s full of purpose, and interesting and varied work. It is also in high demand, with many opportunities for advancement. Working in this field presents some unique challenges, though. Therapists and clinics need malpractice insurance to keep them safe and able to focus on giving their patients the best service possible and in order to reap the rewards of this wonderful career.

5 Rewards of Being a Mental Health Technician

1. A Fulfilling Career

Knowing that you make a real difference in people’s lives can give you an amazing sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Being a mental health practitioner, you are instrumental in helping others improve their lives. You give them the support and resources they need to create sustainable positive change in their lives. Not many careers give you the ability to affect someone in such a fundamental and positive way.

Most mental health professionals are deeply caring people who want to make a positive difference. If you are working in or interested in the mental health industry, you are likely a compassionate individual who seeks to be of service to others. Helping them overcome life’s hurdles gives you a sense of meaning and purpose. You get up in the morning knowing that your work is important in very real ways to the people you serve.

2. Mentally Stimulating

You will never be bored working in the mental health profession. The human brain is a fascinating thing, and every person that you help will be a unique challenge. For those who are easily bored, this a great career to keep you on your toes and continually learning more about human behavior. Even better, when you can see the results of your training and education, you become even more mentally and emotionally engaged in your profession.

There is also plenty of variety involved in the profession. In one day, you may lead group or individual therapy sessions, administer medications, help individuals with their personal hygiene and living environment, and check up on a patient’s physical health. This career allows to you combine aspects of the work of a nurse, therapist, counselor, pharmacist, and social worker. Each of these aspects helps you provide well-rounded care to your patients.

3. Can Work in a Variety of Environments

Mental health workers are needed at all levels in a variety of settings. This means that you have the opportunity to work in an environment that suits you. You may prefer to work with the elderly. This could occur in an elder care facility, a hospital, or a residential group home setting. Or perhaps you would like to work with individuals dealing with addiction. You could do this through the courts, social services, or hospitals.

There are so many opportunities to help people with their mental health. No matter what sort of people you would like to work with, and no matter what kind of setting or organization you wish to work within, you will find a need for mental health practitioners.

4. Opportunity for Advancement

The mental health profession includes a plethora of job types that are in high demand. Working as a technician with an associates degree is a great way place to start, and there are plenty of opportunities for advancement from there.

A career as a psychiatric technician can be used as a foundation for other careers in nursing, psychology, social work, special education, and more. Often, more education will be required to achieve more sought-after and higher-paying positions. There are plenty of advanced degrees available, and some employers may even pay you to undertake further study.

5. Good Job Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for psychiatric technicians and aides will see a 12% rise between 2019-2029. This profession is in high demand, meaning that jobs are plentiful and you should be able to choose between different types of work.

Malpractice Insurance for Mental Health Practitioners

Working in the mental health profession is rewarding on many levels, but it can also come with some unique challenges. Any mental health professional or mental health clinic can be sued for malpractice, personal liability, general liability, and cyber liability. For as little as $10 a month, you can protect yourself from the malpractice or personal liability claims that sometimes come with working in a health service profession.

At NOW insurance, we have 20 years of experience providing insurance for medical professionals, so we understand the unique rewards and challenges facing mental health therapists. We provide affordable, tailor-made insurance to give you just the right amount of coverage. We work with you to find you just the right fit.

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